Sector R3251102020, Orologio da polso Uomo


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Sector R3251102020, Orologio da polso Uomo

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Tipo di movimentoAl quarzo
Colore quadranteNero
Colore cinturinoNero
Materiale cinturinoPelle
Forma articoloTondo
Classificazione impermeabilità100

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Sector R3251102020, Orologio da polso Uomo
Sector is a watch company that mixes Italian design with Swiss watch expertise and was started in 1973. During the 1980â€TMs Sector grew in popularity and became a leader on the Italian sports watch market. Sector is all about sports watches and particularly extreme sports. During the 1980â€TMs en 1990â€TMs, Sector sponsored athletes who were taking part in extreme challenges. Lately, Sector doesnâ€TMt focus just on extreme sports anymore but sports in general so they can reach more public. However, Sector will always be a sports watch and is not meant for casual or business use. Itâ€TMs designed for people who live an active and busy life who are looking for a watch that looks good, has great features, is robust and stands against extreme conditions. Colore del Cinturino: Nero Dimensione della Cassa: >45mm Forma Orologio: Rotonda Indici: Numeri Arabi Materiale Cinturino: Pelle

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