1. Introduction

These conditions of use govern acquisitions and the use of the website www.watchyourwatch.eu by the user, and constitute a contract between the user and Carpe Diem, of Schiavone Marino Antonio (hereafter “Carpe Diem”), which is registered in the Milan Company Register under the number MI-1942374, at the address via Vespri Siciliani 19, 20146 Milan (Italy), and under the VAT identification number IT-07196490960.
By making an acquisition and using this website, the user consents to these conditions of use.
Please ensure that you have read and understood the following conditions before you use the website.

2. Confirmation of the order

Once your order has been received, an acquisition confirmation will be sent to your email address. It is important that you enter the correct email address when you make your order.
We recommend that you save this email in order to facilitate any future contact with our customer services team.
The acquisition confirmation includes a unique order number that identifies the product acquired as well as the customer’s billing and delivery details.

3. Payment

You can make purchases using various payment methods. The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • - PayPal
  • - Amazon Pay
  • - Apple Pay
  • - Scalapay (3 monthly rates)
  • - Credit card
  • - Postepay prepaid card (only available within Italy)
  • - Bank transfer
  • - Cash on delivery (additional cost of 5 euros; only available within Italy)

In all cases, except cash on delivery, payment must be completed before the product you have purchased can be sent. Expected delivery times are to be understood as beginning from the date upon which payment is received by Carpe Diem.
No items will be sent before payment has been received.

4. Tariffs

All prices displayed on the Carpe Diem website, www.watchyourwatch.eu, include Italian VAT, in alignment with applicable legislation.
If an order is sent to a country outside the EU, it may be subject to duties and/or taxes applied directly to the courier at the time of delivery. The customer is responsible for the payment of such import duties and taxes. Carpe Diem does not undertake any checks regarding these costs and cannot predict their amount, as this will differ between countries. For further information, we advise you to contact your local customs office.

5. Delivery costs

All prices displayed on the Carpe Diem website, www.watchyourwatch.eu (and its national extensions), always include national delivery costs.
Delivery is free, without any additional charges to the customer, except where there are import duties/taxes as indicated in point 4 of these conditions of use, above.

6. Processing an order

The Postal Police or other authorities will be informed in the case of orders made under the name of another person, with or without his/her consent, or which otherwise cause financial damages for Carpe Diem.
Carpe Diem reserves the right to alter prices at its own discretion. If a price is clearly incorrect (with a large and clear discrepancy against the rest of the catalogue), Carpe Diem can, at its own discretion, cancel the order and reimburse the amount paid or request that the customer pays the difference between the cost of purchase and the sum already paid by the customer.

End customers have the right to return products purchased within 30 calendar days from when they receive their order. The item must be returned in the same condition in which it was received, in its original packaging, and sent with the guarantee and all other documents originally contained in the package. For further information on the conditions applied to returns, please refer to the “Delivery and withdrawal” section of these conditions of use, which can be found under point 10 of this contract.

7. Guarantee

All watches are covered by an international guarantee of two years from the date of acquisition. This guarantee is valid exclusively for manufacturing defects (movement). All other components of the watch, other than those specified above, are not covered by this guarantee. In order to receive assistance within the scope of the guarantee, please send an email to info@watchyourwatch.eu, indicating the order number as the subject and accurately describing the problem encountered. All requests must be authorised explicitly by Carpe Diem.
Costs for delivery of the product under guarantee are the responsibility of the customer, who can choose which service to use at his/her own discretion, as well as whether to purchase an insurance policy. Carpe Diem cannot be held responsible in any way for any loss or theft of packages. No additional costs will be charged to return the product after its repair.

Please note that repairs/exchanges are the responsibility of the customer, even if undertaken within the period covered by the guarantee, in all of the following cases:

  • - malfunction or damage caused by improper use of the watch (impact, dents, broken glass, etc.);
  • - malfunction or damage caused by an unauthorised repair or modification;
  • - malfunction or damage caused by exposing the watch to water or fire;
  • - aesthetic alterations resulting from normal use of the product and its ageing (scratches to the case and/or glass, alterations to the colour of the glass, chips to the plating);
  • - absence of the guarantee certificate. The customer will always be charged for substitution of the battery, even if this is carried out within the period covered by the guarantee.

The case, face, hands, glass, belt and other parts of the watch can be substituted with equivalent replacement parts if original replacement parts are not available. The customer will not be charged if the repair is carried out within the period covered by the guarantee.

After the two years of the guarantee have elapsed, the customer can still request assistance from our help centre. The customer will be charged for any repair and/or substitutions, including the cost of sending the product, both before and after repairs have been carried out.

8. Personal data

When you make a purchase on the website www.watchyourwatch.eu, some personal data that is required to carry out your purchase and deliver your item(s) will be saved.
Carpe Diem processes data confidentially and customers have access to their personal data at any time, as well as the opportunity to remove or modify data at their own discretion. Carpe Diem may also use cookies to improve the customer experience during navigation of the website, for example.

9. Products

Carpe Diem has the right to adjust prices, apply supplementary costs and modify information regarding its products, such as images and offers, without warning. Images of products and accompanying descriptive text aim to reflect the real and effective characteristics of the watches offered as accurately as possible.
We reserve the right to correct any errors present on the website and we cannot guarantee that all images accurately reflect the real appearance of watches.
Images can vary based on the colour settings of your own computer or mobile device. All images should be considered as illustrations of the product, and their accuracy in terms of appearance and characteristics cannot be guaranteed.

10. Delivery and withdrawal

Carpe Diem delivers all over the world. Deliveries are carried out in collaboration with national postal services and with the most important international express couriers. Delivery takes 3-5 working days beginning from Carpe Diem’s effective receipt of payment.
Delivery outside the EU takes 7-10 working days.

As indicated in point 5 of these conditions of use, delivery is always free. The customer must only pay for any import customs duties that apply to countries outside the EU.

The customer has the option of withdrawing from their purchase within 30 calendar days from receipt of the product. The watch must be returned in the same condition in which it was received, within the original packaging and along with all documents that were sent in the original package. In the case of a return within 30 calendar days, the customer can take advantage of our “easy returns” option, the conditions of which are detailed in point 11 of this contract. With the sole exception of “easy returns”, delivery costs for returning the product purchased always fall to the customer, who can select the service they wish to use at their own discretion, as well as whether to purchase insurance. Carpe Diem cannot be held responsible in any way for any loss or theft of packages. Once sent, the order cannot be cancelled. The customer must therefore receive the product and continue with the returns procedure, if he/she no longer wishes to keep the product. All cancellation/returns requests must be communicated via email to the address info@watchyourwatch.eu and authorised beforehand by Carpe Diem.

If a product is not available, Carpe Diem has the right to cancel the order and reimburse the customer for their payment. The customer can choose to accept an alternative and equivalent product as a replacement instead of a refund, at his/her own discretion.

11. Easy returns

Our easy returns procedure is exclusively available to customers who acquire products within the following countries: Italy, France, Germany and Spain.
With this returns method, the customer is sent a pre-paid returns label that allows the return of items purchased without any additional delivery costs. A request for an easy return should be sent to info@watchyourwatch.eu, with “easy return” as the subject and indicating the order number. The final deadline for requesting an easy return is 30 calendar days after you have received your order.

Easy returns do not apply to repair work carried out under guarantee, which is covered exclusively by point 7 of this sales contract.

If you purchase a product in a country where easy returns are not possible, return of the product is governed by point 10 of this contract.

12. Deadlines for complaints

It is important that the customer carefully checks the product when he/she receives it, in order to verify that there are no defects and that the correct item has been received.
If the item is damaged during transportation, irrespective of whether the damage is clearly visible or not, please inform our customer services team immediately. If the package delivered by the courier shows signs of damage, this should be accepted by the customer, who should then immediately take photographs of the package before opening it.
If the item received is incorrect or damaged, please contact our customer services team within 14 calendar days of receiving it.

Any complaints must be reported to our customer services team. Please provide the order number and the reason for your complaint: we will endeavour to offer the best solution to the complaint as soon as possible. Defective products returned to Carpe Diem should be treated as non-defective products. In particular, please make sure that the product is packaged carefully in order to avoid damage during transportation. Carpe Diem has the right to substitute the defective product with an equivalent product. If the product is no longer available, the customer will be refunded in full.

13. Responsibilities

Carpe Diem’s responsibility regarding delivery errors is limited to these conditions of sale. Carpe Diem cannot assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, including (but not limited to) incompatibility, late delivery, periods of inactivity, loss of data, supplementary work or other financial damages.

14. Reasons of force majeure

Carpe Diem is absolved of any responsibility for damages/other sanctions relating to the fulfilment of this contract if this is impeded, hindered or delayed due to circumstances outside of our control.
Causes that fall under the term “force majeure” include (but are not limited to): new legislation, modifications to existing legislation, fire, flooding, labour disturbance, prohibitions, restrictions, sabotage, bad transportation or meteorological conditions, interruptions to delivery timetables on the part of suppliers and all cases where the activity is exposed to criminal acts that may compromise correct functioning.

15. Intellectual property rights

We are an independent business, not associated or affiliated with any of the companies that own the brands sold on our website. All logos on our website are used for descriptive purposes only and are registered trademarks belonging to their rightful owners.
All use of the site and its contents, including the copying or archiving of the site (in part or in its entirety), without written consent from Carpe Diem is prohibited, except for private use with no commercial aims.

16. User content

The website www.watchyourwatch.eu may include content generated by the user, for example, via social media applications. Carpe Diem holds no ownership rights over such content (images, photos, videos, etc.) and bears no legal responsibility for such content.
If, for example, a violation of copyright or of any other right is suspected, or if content could cause offence, please contact our customer services team.

17. Retention of property rights

All products remain the property of Carpe Diem until payment has been completed in full.

18. Fraud

All fraud attempts will be reported to the Postal Police or other relevant authorities and Carpe Diem reserves the right to cancel orders in suspicious cases.

19. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These conditions of use for the website www.watchyourwatch.eu on the part of the user are governed by Italian law. To the extent legally possible, the court of Milan will hold exclusive jurisdiction in the case of any dispute arising from these conditions of use and from use of the website on the part of the user, in alignment with Carpe Diem’s right to bring legal proceedings against a user in his/her place of residence.

20. Interruption

Carpe Diem reserves the right to close and/or suspend use of the website www.watchyourwatch.eu on the part of the user at its own discretion, if, for example, Carpe Diem suspects a violation of these conditions of use by a user. Such interruption can take place without any warning.

21. Modifications

Carpe Diem may revise these conditions of use from time to time. Each time a customer orders a product on the website www.watchyourwatch.eu, the general conditions of sale that are currently valid will be applied.
Please visit this page regularly in order to view the contractual terms to which users and customers are subject.